PLC and Automation Training

PLC and Automation Training

We provide technical training for fresh, experience and working executives at our premises. We also
conduct training at company and institutes.

Programmable Logic controller (PLC) represents a key driver in automation, production & process
planning in the manufacturing industry. Many industries of today, including packaging, pharmaceuticals,
refineries, mines, machine shops, power plants and food industries use PLC systems for automation of
their machinery to produce more, consistently, quickly and efficiently.

Modern PLC systems can be connected to data networks and interfaced with other automation control
devices. However, for improvement / modification of the automation system, correct interpretation of the
Logics and changes need to be made to the PLC program as and when required.

Keeping this in view, GRIAS organize hands-on training programm in PLC Programming & Networking.
This course provides the skills necessary to understand how typical modern industrial PLC programs
work, how to make changes to existing programs and how to create small programs from scratch.

Hands-on training in PLC Programming and Networking

Mode of Training: Classroom


  • Basic concepts of PLC -Types of PLCs and HMI, Applications areas with examples, recent trend in PLC
  • PLC Block Diagram, function of CPU, I/O interface, internal memory, Input image memory, Output Image
  • memory, PLC SCAN, basic examples of PLC SCAN like start stop logic, etc.
  • PLC Hardware: Different types of CPUs, Base racks, Extension racks, power supply modules, etc.
  • Discrete Input / output modules, interfacing with field devices, concept of Sourcing & Sinking, I/O addressing
  • PLC Programming : Relay based instructions, Timers and counters, Data Manipulation and other advanced instructions
  • Analog Input / output modules: interface of Analog Devices with PLC
  • Industrial Networking : Device level and Control level
  • Hands-on practice in simulators and Mitsubishi Q series PLC training racks


  1. Insight into basics of PLC and different types of PLCs, and latest trends in PLC Technology
  2. Knowledge about PLC programming software
  3. Detailed understanding of Analog Interface
  4. Networking: introduction of different networks


This programm will benefit Managers, Engineers & Middle management personnel involved in the functions of Design & development, R&D, Production, Process planning, Application Engg. Maintenance and other related areas from Machine Tool, Auto & auto ancillaries, Packaging, pharmaceuticals, food processing and other General Engineering industries.

The programme will be totally practical oriented with hands-on practice. Participants would be encouraged to raise questions and solicit feedback from the expert faculty.

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